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2021 Rules


Thank you for choosing to review the V6 Bomber Rules of the Medicine Hat Auto Racing Association (MHARA).  It is our mission to make racing fun and cost effective as we trend forward.

Currently there is no lap time rule but cars will be closely monitored.  If at any time track officials and / or club executive feels it is getting out of hand and non-competitive this rule may come into play.

MHARA executive or track officials may alter, change and implement penalties and methods to keep racing competitive.

History has continually repeated.  Faster cars go faster and faster and eventually there are no cars left in the class to compete against.  Steps will be taken to change the repetitive nature of stock car racing so a comfortable car count can be maintained.


  1. Open to V6, front wheel drive North American cars (Ford, GM, Chrysler).  Automatic transmissions only.  No turbo engines or dual overhead cams. 3.0L to 3.6L only No 3.8L
    1. No all-wheel or four-wheel drive cars.
    1. Cars must be bone stock – no modifications.
    1. Interiors to be gutted, all panels, carpet, rear seats. Dash board to remain intact.  Heater cores, fans, air conditioning can remain in place.
    1. Battery to remain in original position.  Hood and trunk lid hinges must be left intact. 
    1. ALL glass interior and exterior to be removed, head lights tail lights windows.  May add Lexan to windshield area only.
    1. Must have a stock exhaust or equivalent and must exit past the driver.
    1. No reinforcements of any kind.
    1. When repairing cars, only stock replacements parts to be used.
    1. Water cooling only. No antifreeze.
    1. Must have tow hooks front and rear capable of lifting the car
    1. Must have working transponder mounted close to the rear bumper
    1. Driver must use a raceiver.
    1. Vin plates remain on the vehicle.


  • NO modification to suspension.
  • 14”, 15” or 16” rim and tire sizes only. Maximum tire width is 215mm for all cars.
  • Maximum rim width is 7.5 inches
  • All tires must be the same size.  Steel and aluminum rims allowed.  No race wheels
  • No (zero) camber allowed.


3.1      Roll-over Protection:  Minimum 2 round steel pipe posts, 1 behind the driver’s seat the other behind were the passenger seat would be.  Steel posts must be a minimum 4” by 1/8” wall thickness.  The must be welded to a minimum 12” by 12” by 1/8” steel plates top and bottom.  These plates must then be bolted through the floor and roof with a minimum of 4 bolts each plate.

3.2      Two door bars that extend across the exterior of driver’s door are required.  It must overlap the front fender and rear quarter/rear door a minimum of 4”.  The bottom door bar should be between 16” to 18” off the ground.  These door bars must be a minimum of 4” by 3/16” steel channel or 2” by 3” by 1/8” wall thickness rectangular steel tubing.  Must be welded or bolted, if bolting is using bolts must go all the way through the doors with large washers on the inside.  Door bars must be mounted on the outside of the car with ends tapered and capped.

3.3        Hood and trunk lid must be pinned down in a minimum of 2 places.

3.4        Top half of driver’s side post and side door bars must be padded.

3.5        4 or 5-point racing harness is required.

3.6        Window net is required

3.7        Nomex racing suit is recommended. Minimum clean fire retardant coveralls.  Leather gloves and shoes (boots) are required.

3.8        Full face helmets.  Must be Snell 2010 or newer.  Head and neck restraints are required (minimum of a neck collar).

3.9        Lexan windshield may be used in place of factory windshield, but must have 3 bars in front of driver for safety reasons. 

4.0        Aluminum racing seat is recommended.  Bucket seat that is in car is ok.

4.1        Air bags to be removed.

4.2        Master Disconnect switch located on left rear package self required.  Must kill engine and fuel pump.

4.3        Must have Ford Inertia Switch installed to kill fuel pump in case of an accident.


5.1        Cars must be kept in decent appearance.  Numbers must be legible.

5.2        Numbers must be opposite in colour to car and 24” high by 4” wide.  Numbers to be placed on driver’s door, passenger door and on the roof of the vehicle.

5.3        Nothing may be applied to the car which would be considered offensive.

5.4        The decisions of the officials are final in all cases.

5.5        Weight Rule – 16 lbs/hp.  Weight to be put in the passenger seat area and bolted in.

5.6        More weight will be added as needed to keep class competitive.


Weight distribution etc is yet to be determined and will be advised as soon as possible.

Where this is a new class, there might be some slight rule changes or additions as we learn.

This class is designed to be entry class only…3 years maximum in class and then move up to different class.  This is NOT for drivers with any previous racing experience.  

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