General Meeting December 2 @ 7:00 pm at Medicine Hat Home Stay Inn and Suites.  Those attending in person must follow the guidelines (click here).  Zoom link for those not attending in person will be sent via email.

Track Positions


Exercise supervision over the affairs of MHARA and shall sign all official correspondence.  

Preside at all meetings and may assign specific duties to the Vice President

Call meetings of the Board of Directors

If any question arises as to the interpretation of the bylaws as it relates to the affairs of the MHARA, the President shall give interpretation which shall be final and binding on all affected persons unless and until reversed by the appeals committee 15.1.5 Shall be ex-officio member of all committees of MHARA

Vice President

Assist the President in the execution of his/her duties and may act on his/her behalf when so authorized 

In the temporary absence of the President shall perform the duties of the President.

NOTE: In the absence of both the President and Vice-President a chairperson shall be selected from members of the Board of Directors present at said meeting.


Shall keep record of all the members of the MHARA and their addresses.

Receive and reply to all correspondence on behalf of the MHARA as directed by the members.

Give due notice of all meetings and ensure that accurate minutes are kept.

Have custody of minutes and records related to position

Provide for the meeting an agenda, minutes, correspondence and other records pertinent to the business of any meeting


Shall be the “Chief Financial Officer” of MHARA

Use of a computer accounting program as determined by the Board of Directors shall be used for keeping the financial records of MHARA.

Have custody of all financial and accounting documents and shall be responsible for all accounting and financial records of MHARA

Prepare and provide a bank balance at monthly meetings.

Prepare and distribute a financial statement quarterly based on year end. 

Prepare and submit an “event report” following each race event for the Board of Directors and membership upon request

Prepare and have audited an annual financial statement.

Prepare and submit all statements as required by law/government by registered mail.  A copy of such submissions will be reported to and available for inspection of the Board of Directors and members in good standing.

Advertising agreements will be documented on the contra-information sheets and the treasurer is responsible for invoicing the sponsors.

MHARA Members may democratically request an audit of the financial status of the association through proper channels at any time.

Ensure that all reports are submitted in a timely manner

Ensure that all bylaw changes are submitted using registered mail.


Attend the meetings of the Board of Directors
Report concerns of the membership
Represent the interests and concerns of all members of MHARA

Other Board Responsibilities to be picked up

Following is a list of other duties that are picked up by board members to ensure the race season goes smoothly.  This is not an exhaustive list but a general list with examples.  These are meant to be supervisory roles.  It is hoped that members would step in and help the board member responsible get these jobs done. 

  • Concession — stocking, ordering, balancing concessions (food and alcohol) each race day.  Co-ordinating staff and supervising staff in the concession.
  • Track Staffing – advertising, interviewing and finding staff for the Speedway.  As a member run, non-profit club we rely on volunteers to fill these positions.  Staff needed:  tower, flag, competitor gate, spectator gate (2), center gate, safety, tech, line-up board, tow truck
  • Volunteer Coordinator – responsible for contacting volunteers and keeping a list of contacts
  • Program Supervisor – ensure all registrations and photos for the program are collected.  Work with the track promoter to get ads purchased placed in the program.  Put the program together.
  • Social Media — update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and website with info RE: Speedway.
  • Tickets – get tickets organized and printed (if necessary) for the season.
  • Track Opening Organizer – prior to first race day in the spring track needs to be prepared for racing.  Some of the jobs necessary are clean concessions, clean washroom, set up tower, general stand maintenance, garbage picked, water delivered, washrooms opened, ensure everything is in working order for race day. 
  • Pre-Race Organizer (the week prior to race day) – grass to be mowed, track blown, garbage picked, spectator washrooms cleaned, pit washrooms cleaned, and any general maintenance identified.
  • Race Day Supervisor (front end) – ensure front end and staff run smoothly.  Jobs included are put out flags, open concession, open spectator shack for staff, garbage cans out and garbage bags put in, when appropriate open spectator gates (gate at the end of the lane as well as the walk in gates by the shack), open playground (if permitted)
  • Race Day Supervisor (pit side) – ensure pits run smoothly.  Help with parking, ensure pit shack open for staff, open tech shack, open gates to the track, ensure safety truck and tow truck are at the track and ready to go, stock safety shack with water and Gatorade, put out line-up board materials, have golf carts ready and fueled, ensure track is blown before practice, general stand maintenance. 
  • Race Director — in the pits to supervise racing on Race Day and ensure all runs smoothly
  • Post Race Organizer (immediately following the race on race day) – clean up garbage, empty garbage, put away garbage cans, take down flags, lock up the front (office, tower, concessions, spectator shack, spectator gates), lights off, flags away, track gates locked, pit gate locked.
  • Maintenance between races – keep track area clean and general inspection to ensure all is in working order.  Grass mowed and pits drug, track cleaned. 
  • Track Closing Organizer – after race season is complete the track must be closed and readied for winter.  Radios go packed up, paint goes to a heated area, concessions cleaned and emptied, water drained, tower cleaned out and general maintenance done or noted for spring.
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